The HFS Experience: Hard to Find Wines & How to Get Them

I’m writing this to you from Napa Valley as we film some upcoming winery features for Cellar Angels. As this is somewhere around trip 37 to wine country there’s a few things I’ve learned I want to share.First, it seems nearly everybody in Napa produces a $100 Cabernet Sauvignon. You can throw a rock and hit a winery producing one and trust me, you don’t even need a good arm.

Problem number one is finding a $100 Cabernet Sauvignon that triggers the HFS reaction. What? You’re not familiar with HFS? Oh but you are. It goes something like this: you take a sip of wine and before the wine hits your mouth your nose sends a flash to your brain that this sip is going to wow you. The bouquet first, then the wine-in-mouth experience is so delightfully mesmerizing you think to yourself, Holy F’ing Shyte this is an unbelievable wine. And you want, no, you NEED more of it. That’s an HFS experience. HFS wines are hard to find, however after two decades of wine country travel and owning a wine store where we tasted insane amounts of Cabernet, we’re pretty good at it. (I can’t take credit for the creation of this however I love sharing HFS experiences!)

Getting a $100 Cab’ with an HFS experience is accomplished with the Maroon Wines Douaihy Family 2013 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. The 2013’s are starting to shine and Paul Maroon knows a few things about decadent Cabernet (he used to sell his Cabernet Sauvignon grapes to Joseph Phelps for their Insignia blend.) This wine is normally $100 but for just a few more days it’s available for $71. Please try and refrain from HFS outbursts when in the presence of children.

Second, the other challenge Napa has and in fact this is there biggest challenge, is helping consumers identify a sub $50 that tastes like a $100 Cab. Enter the Corley Family and their 2014 Monticello Vineyards Jefferson Cuvee. This wine starts below $50 which is rare for a winery and vineyard with this pedigree. However, at the Cellar Angels price of $41 and with a private tasting for four in their Jeffersonian replica Monticello Estate for each case purchase, it’s a no-brainer. Add to this it’s a blend of their best Cab barrels from two separate vintages and it might just be the best Cabernet you’ve ever had in the $40-$70 price range.

Check out this little video I made especially for you this past Wednesday when I was in Napa. Notice the morning fog burning off in the upper left corner–so awesome!

As a Cab lover, expert and value detective, these two wines are worth every single penny. Buy them here and share the HFS excitement with me. Thank you for being a difference maker Denise–we cannot do this without your love of fine wine and philanthropy.

Cheers to you!
Martin Cody
President, Co-Founder
Cellar Angels

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