How To Bring Napa Valley To You

Unless you’ve attained independent wealth and the constraints of day-to-day responsibilities of career, children, meetings and financial obligations are no longer hijacking your time, the ability to travel to Napa Valley once per week and partake of the best wines from Cabernet to Pinot Noir, is nearly impossible. However, the desire to enjoy a weekly escapade of fine wine, exploration, luxury travel and sensational dining we hope never fades. If you were able to pull off weekly trips to Napa, how long would it take before you ran out of wineries? The answer may surprise you.

Many people are shocked to learn there’s anywhere between 850-1,000 commercially licensed wineries in Napa County alone! If we use the number of 900 wineries and visiting five wineries per weekend (you’re a professional), it would take you nearly 3.5 years to get through all the wineries. Granted, you would log quite a few miles and the travel would be exhausting but oh the stories you could tell and the wine you would taste.

There is however an easier way—DTC.

In the wine world, the fastest growing industry segment is direct to consumer or DTC. “Since 2010, value of the direct-to-consumer shipping industry has increased 66%, and 2015 proved to be another growth year for the channel.” (Read more at winesandvines.com).

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The reasons are simple and growing: consumers want options, consumers want savings and consumers like knowing precisely where their wine is coming from, how it’s produced and to know the people making it. Additionally, when consumers learn there are about 5-7 companies controlling 85-90% of every wine shelf in retail or restaurant list in the country, they get angry. Their voices are being heard and nowhere is this more compelling than at Cellar Angels.

Once each week we introduce you to a winery you probably have never heard of and more likely will never find in your local market. The reason being is production. For the most part, those five to seven companies don’t want to fuss with a winery producing only 500 cases as it’s not economically viable to do so. Hence fine wine consumers all over the country can now receive an email, alerting them to the Cellar Angels weekly wine feature. They can buy wine online and check a box designating their charity of choice – Cellar Angels takes care of the rest. The charity receives a donation from Cellar Angels and the consumer receives some of the industry’s best wine delivered to their door, direct from the winery.

Through our quarterly Wine Club Membership, wine lovers can receive wine to their door on schedule. Each quarterly release features a different boutique wine producer from Napa valley or Sonoma. This is the best way to drink like a California Wine Country local.

The next time you’re walking the wine aisle and all the labels from store to store start looking the same, remember it’s because they are. Those stores all purchase from the same companies. But not you because remember, you’re a professional and you enjoy the finer things in life. Things like having the best wines from Napa and Sonoma delivered direct to your door.

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