Nebbiolo Grape Variety


The Nebbiolo name derives from the word nebbia, Italian for “fog,” which is known to encase the Nebbiolo vineyards in Piedmont during harvest time. Nebbiolo produces some of the most ageable and long-lived wines available.

Aroma/Flavor Components

Nebbiolo offers fairly to highly aromatic nuances of dried red fruits (raspberry, black cherry, plum, and prune), tobacco (earth and leather), garden (soil, mushroom, and tar), floral (rose and violet), and bakeshop (cocoa, anise, and licorice).

Structural Components

Nebbiolo is dry and generally medium-bodied, with high tannins and acids. These wines can often trick consumers into thinking they are lighter-bodied wines due to the appearance of medium color intensity. However, this grape requires several years of bottle aging to tame its fierce tannins prior to drinking.

Significant Locations

Nebbiolo is largely produced in northwest Italy (Piedmont). The grapes most famous appellations are Barolo, Barbaresco, Ghemme, and Gattinara.

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