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Accenti Wines 2021 Pet Nat, California

24 in stock


24 in stock

Aromas strawberry, peaches and cream, danish pastry, fresh cut grass, seashell
Palate poached pear, honeycomb, zippy acidity, lemon zest on the finish
Food Pairing Suggestions
sunshine, crab rangoon, friend chicken fingers, grilled vegetables

50% Barbera, 38% Riesling, 12% Verdelho


Napa Valley, Napa County, CA

50 cases
Aging Potential
Pét Nat is best enjoyed young – drink this summer!
Winemaker Notes

Our second adventure in Ancestral Method sparkling wine made for some crazy nights during harvest. Three heroic helpers stayed at the winery past midnight to bottle it with us at the perfect moment – when fermentation was almost finished and the wine was cold enough to minimize lees and foam.

The result is like a time capsule filled with delicious smells of fermenting Barbera, Riesling, and Verdelho. The blend was a combination of dreams and necessity: balancing powerful fermentations with slower and finished ones allowed us to bottle a wine with the right amount of bubbles and minimal sediment.

Unfined. Unfiltered. Light sediment.

No added SO2.

Tasting Events

Taste this wine with Winemakers James and Lorenza Allen of Accenti Wines! Find details about the live SIP Virtual Wine Tasting & Education event here.

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