Bottega del Vino

Magnum Decanter

Bottega del Vino Magnum Ship’s decanter has got Italian style. Like all other Bottega del Vino crystal, it is also lead-free and hand-finished. This classical glassware is perfectly proportioned to contain 750 milliliters of decanted wine. It can also be used for Magnum bottles. It has a beveled spout, which prevents the decanted wine from dripping while pouring. This spout also helps the wine take oxygen from air during pouring and helps the wine impart its aromas. Our Magnum Ship’s decanter BV12 could be a classy choice of decantation vessel to your home bar or any barware collection if you prefer classic design and style.


Height: 317 mm / 12 1/2″

Capacity: 1500 ml / Magnum

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