Bottega del Vino

Old Fashioned Glass - Set of 2

The Bottega del Vino Crystal Equinox Double Old Fashioned glass is a finely crafted, non-fragile, classic glassware. The sensual curvature of this crystal glass gives you the pleasure to hold it in hand. The lead-free crystal glass has a thick base, which provides the bartender with the ability to mix the non-liquid ingredients to the liquid ingredients to make a fine cocktail in an old-fashioned way. The rocks glass is mouth-blown, hand-finished, having a wide brim to mix ingredients or add ice cubes and whiskey stones so that the drinker could appreciate the drink’s aroma. The lightweight and elegant shape allow the drink to warm slowly and change the flavor profile diversely. The double old fashioned glass is dishwasher safe and durable and could be a perfect addition to any barware collection.


Height: 4″

Capacity: 12 oz