Bottega del Vino

Port Glass - Set of 2

Wine Glasses like Bottega del Vino Porto stems are a sensible choice for many fortified wines. Each lead-free glass is mouth-blown, hand-finished, and the single-pull stem has a finely-crafted small bowl for the sensuous feelings one can get. Though the bowl is small, there is still enough room to swirl the drink inside it to hold the aroma affecting wines’ taste. This stemware is the perfect choice to taste port, tawny port, sherry, and tequilas. This crystal is dishwasher-safe and break-resistant. You will also find our Port & Sherry BV18 Porto is great for tasting your favorite tequilas.


Height: 228 mm (6 5/8″)

Capacity: 887 ml 6 ½ oz

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