Bottega del Vino

Vintage Champagne Coupé Glass - Set of 2

Bottega del Vino Recioto Spumante stems are the improved coupé glass from the conventional ones, which have a wide, shallow bowl. This vintage crystal stemware has a single-pull stem with a finely-crafted broad base bowl on it, gradually narrowing upwards and inwards for the best tactile sensation in hand and mouth. This unique design gives it the ability to condense the aroma of drinks in it. Each stem is lead-free and is mouth-blown, hand-finished. Recioto Spumante stems are the excellent choice to serve vintaged champagnes and spumante. This crystal is dishwasher-safe and break-resistant. You will be mesmerized by holding our BV11 Recioto Spumante Coupé in your hand and sipping the vintaged sparklers from it.


Height: 216 mm / 8 ½”

Capacity: 709 ml / 24 oz

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