Bottega del Vino

Whisky Tot - Set of 2

The Bottega del Vino single malt crystal is a finely crafted, non-fragile, classic glassware. The sensual curvature of this crystal glass gives you the pleasure to hold it in hand. The lead-free crystal glass has a wide bowl and thick base, which allows you to control the liquor to be spilled out. This crystal glass is mouth-blown, hand-finished, having a wide brim to add ice cubes, and the drinker can easily sniff the drink’s aroma. This noble glassware is a beautiful way to serve single malt Scotch, Whisky, and Bourbon. Our BV17 Scotch glass is dishwasher safe and durable and could be a perfect addition to any barware collection.


Height: 3.5″

Capacity: 5.5 oz