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2017 'Late' Zinfandel Dessert Wine

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Appearance medium garnet
Aromas plum, black cherry, strawberry compote, espresso, dried leaves, hibiscus flower
Palate candied red fruit, baker's chocolate, black tea, toasted nuts, lingering finish
Food Pairing Suggestions
This wine pairs beautifully with bold cheeses and dark chocolates. Pair with your favorite desserts, such as tiramisu, crème brûlée, pots de crème or German chocolate cake.

100% late harvest Zinfandel

Aging Potential
Enjoy now or age in the cellar for 10+ years
Watson Family Vineyard
About The Vineyard

Cast’s old vine zinfandel fruit comes from the six acre Watson Vineyard. Family-owned and operated, this vineyard is directly adjacent to Cast winery so the fruit never travels on a public road. These vines were planted in 1976 by Santa Rosa native and legendary farmer Mike Mazzoni, whose varied legacy includes pioneering, and being instrumental to the growth and success of grape growing and wine making in Sonoma County.

CAST Wines has been the exclusive destination of all Watson Vineyard zinfandel grapes since their inaugural 2012 vintage and a multi-year agreement assures continued access to this quality fruit. Farming is overseen by Cast winemaking team.

Winemaker Notes

“Our Zinfandel Dessert Wine “Late” was created by starting with a small portion of our 2017 Watson Old Vine Zinfandel and blending in a curated selection of locally produced 191 proof distilled grape spirits. We chose 191 proof over other options including 170 and 180 proof as we felt that it tasted more pure as it is twice distilled. This allowed us to really focus on the flavor of the wine. Out team had the enviable job of sampling many many blending options before narrowing the final result down to this offering. While doing so, our desire was to produce more of a ruby style – brighter and fruitier and less domineering than a “tawny” style wine and therefore more versatile – equally compatible with a variety of desserts and cheeses or enjoyed on its own while relaxing at the end of the day. The slightly higher alcohol of this port-style wine helps to preserve it after being uncorked, allowing it to be returned to for many days.

Our 2017 “Late” was also the debut of our distinctive “fairy bottle”, celebrating the wine fairy that cast a spell on us and inspired the name Cast. Our expectation for this wine is to see it improve over several years, although pretty delicious right now.” – Cast Wines

Bottle size: 500 ml

Sugar: 65g/L

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Cast Wines Late Harvest Zinfandel Sonoma Dessert Wine

What are Late Harvest wines?

Late harvest wines are dessert wines made with grapes that were left on the vine after they’ve reached their peak ripening when sugar levels rise to about 24% – typically about a month later than regular harvest. This type of wine has higher alcohol content than regular dry wines and contain more significant amounts of residual sugar, making them perfect match for desserts. Late harvest fruit is usually picked a month or so after regular harvest. In Alsace, late harvest is called “Vendage Tardive,” and in Germany it’s referred to as “Spätlese.”

Serving Tips

  • Temperature: 45-55ºF
  • Pour size: 2.5 to 3oz
  • Glass: Use a small dessert wine glass designed to reduce evaporation. If you don’t have one on hand, white wine glasses will work, too.

Find the difference between late harvest wines and fortified wines in the Cellar Angels wine glossary and join us for a virtual wine tasting and education segment with Proprietor Jack Seifrick of Cast Wines to learn more about this featured wine.


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