Surprise & Delight with Gifts That Stand Out Any Time of Year

Gift giving is one of the most satisfying ways to express appreciation and gratitude to a current or prospective client, employee or vendor. But it also can be fraught with frustration. Tripwires are seemingly everywhere! What should I give? How much should I spend? When should I give it? Will the person like it? How will my gift be perceived?

Cellar Angels is here to make it easy and yes, even fun, to give luxury wine gifts! Here, we’ll share tips and suggestions on gift giving that will impress, surprise and delight recipients!

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Timing is Everything

Consider sending gifts at any time except for the traditional holiday season. Yes, this may seem contrary, but think about it: people are overwhelmed at the holiday season. They’re receiving a mountain of gifts all at the same time and nothing really stands out as memorable.

Instead, consider sending sophisticated client gifts within the February – September timeframe. This enables you to take full advantage of the element of surprise and delight. And the recipient will remember you for it.

You can theme your gift to a seasonal occasion, such as Valentine’s Day in February, to express how much you love being in business with them. Or give a gift in March to say how lucky you feel to work with them. Or pick another time with a simple, “I appreciate your business” or “Thank you for your partnership” or sentiment of your choice.

Another upside to client gifting outside of the November/December timeframe: you can spread out the expense over the course of the year, rather than having to absorb the entire expense all at one time if you like.

When you send upscale client gifts outside of the expected timeframe, you may find better selections and experience more personalized service. And importantly, shippers are not overwhelmed with orders so there is less chance for delivery issues. “We love helping people select and send unique, high-end corporate gifts outside of the holiday season,” said Cellar Angels Co-founder Denise Cody. “It enables us to give the best possible service and selection. And we love hearing about the enthusiastic reception our customers get from recipients when they send thoughtful corporate gifts at unexpected times.”

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How Much Should I Spend on a Gift?

There’s a great rule-of-thumb cited in a book entitled “Giftology” by John Ruhlin that advises spending from $50 to $250 per person on gifts, but there are other considerations, too. If an individual has impacted your bottom line in an especially remarkable way, you may want to invest more in a gift, up to $350 or so. The one thing to keep in mind is: you can never go wrong with generosity.

You also will want to be sure that people are able to accept gifts. Often times, employees at large publicly-held companies are not allowed to accept gifts, so if you are unsure, check with a human resources department at the company.

What Gifts Should I Give?

Choosing what gift to give is a roadblock for many people. To stand out and again – surprise and delight someone – skip the logo’ed pens, water bottles, apparel and tote bags. Unless you know that someone is an avowed non-drinker, wine is always a welcome gift, and there are so many options at so many price points! A site like Cellar Angels, which offers corporate gifting services is a great starting point, because they have real people who can help you pick out gifts that will be appreciated and fit within your budget. Or just browse the gift sets already prepared and available in the Marketplace

  • Gift Wine Bottles

Because Cellar Angels specializes in sourcing exceptional, limited-production wines from small producers in Napa Valley and Sonoma, you are going to be able to give wines not found anywhere else. The exclusivity alone makes for impactful gifts.

  • Experience Gifts

To up your gift game even higher, consider Cellar Angels’ SIP Kits, featuring wines that match live video tastings that bring each bottle to life in the most memorable way. Recipients can sit back, pop a cork and log in to an entertaining hour of wine education with host Martin Cody, Cellar Angels Co-Founder, and some of the most fascinating winemakers, winery owners and wine experts in Sonoma and the Napa Valley. Plus, SIP tasting videos are available on YouTube to watch and sip at one’s convenience. These VIP corporate gifts will keep you top-of-mind with clients, prospects and/or employees.

  • Extras!

Round out a sophisticated wine gift with exquisite stemware that makes every sip even more special. Cellar Angels offers Bottega del Vino Italian Crystal decanters and wine glasses for every type of wine.

Why not put your annual gift list together now? Showing appreciation and gratitude with thoughtful corporate gifts is the right thing to do any time of the year. 

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