Top 3 Trends in Wine: Post Recession

Like most industries, the wine business has had some ups and downs. Unfortunately, the Great Recession had its effect on just about everyone and wine growers were no exception. However, this historical and beautiful industry is not giving up anytime soon and will continue to fight onward. Regardless, the state of our country, financially and culturally, has had a direct effect on the trends growing amongst both the wine makers and the wine consumers. Here are some of the most influential, intriguing top 3 wine trends in the industry for the upcoming year.

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  1. Boutique is Back – In the past years, there has been a major emphasis on quantity over quality, but this sentiment is quickly fading. Consumers who were once enamored with big box stores for just about everything, including their wine selection, are beginning to feel the burn of the mass-produced and the isolation of becoming nothing more than a faceless consumer in the crowd. Suddenly, shoppers are demanding personal attention and when it comes to wine, this means the consumer expects knowledgeable, approachable service. Wine enthusiasts are revisiting the belief that wine is an experience to enjoy and savor, not something to rush. Expect to see more wine boutiques popping up in your neighborhood, and online, as exclusive membership-driven websites like Cellar Angels provide an intimate shopping experience allowing the consumer to discover truly special wine.
  2.  The Citizen Critic – Much like other areas of the food, beverage and service industries, professional critic reviews are becoming increasingly less important. Websites like winereviewonline.comthegoodwineguru.com, and wineography.com allow the consumer to have a voice – and are proving those voices carry. For the first time, fellow wine lovers can share opinions and insight from across the world via the Internet and social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. Now everything from presentation, to flavor, to service is up for very public scrutiny. Suddenly, winemakers are realizing it’s more important to make an impact on the actual consumers than judges and journalists.
  3. The Recession Effect – You just can’t escape it. The recession has had serious impact on almost everything in American culture. And for the wine world, simple is in. This should not be taken as basic flavors or quality, but more as a return to our roots. Flavors have been simplified to express the core of their grape varietals as opposed to startling, surprise aromas and notes exhibited by more complex wines. And for the winemakers, simple wines mean less alcohol content and less flavor alterations, making the process less expensive. This means even the smallest vineyards can sell more quality wine by spending less on the winemaking process. As the consumer, you will be able to afford more wine more often by shopping smart and simple. Luckily, Cellar Angels is committed to providing our members with opportunities to uncover great tasting wine at prices you can actually afford.
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