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There’s a certain peace in perfection. Be it the fine lines of an exotic car, the impeccable fit of a handmade suit or the brilliant balance in a single glass of wine, a sedative calm ensues when everything is just right. The pursuit of perfection is indeed a journey, one often fraught with peril and heartache. And it was this pursuit that Jennifer and Herb Lamb had in mind when they secured seven acres of land in the foothills of Howell Mountain just east of St. Helena.  The year was 1987 and perfection now had a home.

Like a master sculptor knowing the greatness which can come forth, the land was cleared, wide terraces created and the planting ensued. This is a cool climate location perfectly suited for Cabernet Sauvignon, an item not missed by Winemaker Michael Trujillo, who began sourcing this fruit for both Sequoia Grove and Karl Lawrence. In 1992 perfection took a firm foothold when Ann Colgin chose this vineyard as the sole fruit source for her signature wine—and would do so for the next fifteen years. It was during this meteoric run that Jennifer and Herb decided to make their own wine. The year was 1997 and perfection was in sight.

Herb Lamb Vineyard wines

For the next eighteen years the Lambs worked the land and produced some of the finest Cabernet Sauvignon in the world. And they had a ball doing it. Herb was known throughout the valley as both a local resident and one of the foremost experts on soil, boosted by a degree in soil science. Add to these 35 years of working with every vineyard manager, winery owner and winemaker in the valley, and you begin to see why Herb was an icon in the valley. Sadly, Herb passed in December of 2014. This seven acre parcel, the vineyard of his dreams, is now carefully guided by Jennifer. Based on increased demand from around the world for the HL Cabernet, it would seem perfection is intent on staying.

Herb Lamb Vineyard barrels

Read more about how Jennifer and Herb Lamb’s wine dream came true.

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