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Noble Wines, the esteemed vintners from Napa Valley, weave an uncommon tale of patience and finesse in the world of viniculture. George and Patricia Noble, aficionados of the graceful refinement that only time can bestow upon a wine, have charted an exceptional course.

The Noble estate is in the hills above St. Helena, at 1,500 foot elevation, where they planted cabernet vines on the rolling terrain. From the outset, their unwavering commitment to the art of patience has been their hallmark. In the world of rapid releases, they stand apart, choosing to hold their wines until the very moment they attain the zenith of readiness. As a testament to their unique philosophy, while their inaugural vintage graced the world in 2004, it wasn’t until 2010 that their inaugural release saw the light of day. Such a measured approach is a rarity amidst the exuberance of California’s wine producers. The logistical complexity of storing nine vintages bears testimony to their resolute determination. The Noble’s strive to live up to their name and produce a smooth, perfectly food-friendly Cabernet Sauvignon on par with European first growth estates.

As generous as they are wise, the Nobles are active fundraisers in the Napa community.

Location, as the Nobles understand, is paramount to the realization of their vision. Their commitment to quality begins with the very soil in which their vines take root. With discerning precision, they source their cabernet sauvignon grapes from some of the most coveted vineyards that Napa Valley has to offer, ensuring that the very essence of their wines is intertwined with the terroir’s unparalleled character.

About the Vineyards:

Pritchard Hill is a secretive place producing some of the most expensive wines in Napa Valley.  Currently, it has no defined boundaries since it is yet to be declared its own AVA, but it is so worthy with such unique terror. With red dirt and volcanic clay soil, much of this land is full of rocks and boulders which make for well drained vineyards. This feature is key to making great Cabernet. It forces the vines to struggle, leading to small intense berries with thick skins. The mountain-top vineyards are above the fog and offer longer access to sun and moderate temperatures.

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Rutherford Bench is famous for a flavor profile coined “Rutherford Dust” which can be preceived in the wines of that region. A spicy, dusty, berry flavor is the description, but sometimes hard to pinpoint. With gravely loam soil and good drainage, some of the most famous Napa Valley producers, like Robert Mondavi Vineyards, have turned out some of the best wines from the area over the last few decades. Because of its unique terroir it was awarded its own sub-appellation status in 1992.

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